Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Blog Award!!!!

Yaaayy me!!! I was awarded this beauty by Jackie & Pat. Thanks ladies and your blogs are fabulous too....make sure you check them out!!

The rules are simple....list 5 obsessions and then pass it along to 5 fabulous blogs. Let's see my obsessions:
1. Stamping

2. Sketch Challenges

3. Teaching...rubberstamping

4. My weight

5. My hair

5 Fabulous Blogs:

1. Joan Ervin @ Stamping with a Passion!

2. Linda @ The Stamper's Touch

3. Jennifer @ Jennifer's Sweet Designs

4. Joanne @ Sleepy in Seattle

5. Cindy @ This is My Story

Have a great night and *see* ya in the morning!!!!


  1. Thank you so much, Jackie!! You are so sweet and I am very honored.

  2. Hi Jackie :) An award for me? Thank you so much! :) You are so sweet to think of us! Have a fun weekend & stay warm!

    Hugs & Smiles,
    Jennifer :)

  3. Thanks soo much, Jackie, I am thrilled!! What a cool award...wish I looked like that!!!

  4. Hey Jackie! Just saw this today! Thank you so much for thinking of me with this award! Gives me warm fuzzies! Thank you for that!

    I love all of the valentines cards you are making..they are all just gorgeous!


  5. Your blog is very nice!! Look at all the beautiful creations you have made!!!


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