Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of School & Excellent News!!!

 Good Morning Stamping Friends & Happy Hump Day to all of you!!!!

First, I want to thank everyone for the get well wishes, cards & emails I received!  You have no idea how happy you made my days laying around in was no fun but I'm glad I followed Dr.'s orders!  Speaking of which; surgery has been avoided for now!!!!!  I feel so much more bleeding or stomach last check up turned out very well so he took me off bed rest & I've spent the last couple of days just trying to catch up with back to school stuff.  I'm not overdoing kiddos are still cooking & cleaning while I slowly get back to my normal routine.  As a matter of fact; today was the first day that I've worked out since being put on bed rest & I'm a bit sore from that LOL!!!

As you can see from the pics above; my younger ones are pretty excited about the first day of school!  Brandon is such a big guy...he's towering over me now!  He is a freshman & I'm very curious to see how much he's going to grow before he's a sophomore!  Bianca is an 8th grader & expressing her beautiful image via her hair.  She asked me about a year ago if she could wear her natural hair or an chemicals---I know I've gone this route peeps but I did not encourage her at all!  I told her of course she could but she would have to transition the chemicals out or get her hair cut....she chose to transition for a little over a year & just about a week ago; her Dad trimmed off the rest of her relaxed ends.  She is now sporting a head full of naturally curly & super soft hair....I've never seen her smile so much!!!!  It actually takes me back to her baby days when she ran around with her hair like that & right now I'm just glad to see her so happy!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my little update & pics everyone!  I'm going to piddle around getting some things done while I wait for my email to act right.  It's been out for quite a while now so I can't check in with peeps like I want!  Thank you so much for hanging in there with me & I'll be back to creating soon!

Thanks so much for stopping by & have a great rest of the day!!!
Until Next Time,
Hugs & Love,