Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Long Journey!

Good Thursday Evening Stamping Friends!

We have finally purchased our new home in Plainfield, IL and we're in the process of trying to get everything unpacked and organized.  We are thrilled beyond belief to finally be settling in our  home...somewhat LOL and getting to know our new area as well as all of our new neighbors.  Everyone we've met so far has been quite nice & welcoming.  I am knee deep in boxes in my stamp room however I'm slowly but surely getting things out & where they belong.  I've already bought & put together 1 wall of bookcases...I am so PROUD of myself...and I hope to finally be able to actually create in there soon. 

On a sad note, my computer died during transport so I bought myself a new Surface for the time being while we figure out the desktop.  As much as I love my Surface, I still LOVE the good old pc...besides....all my pictures and digital stamps are on there so I'll be glad when I can transfer all my files to our new one.  I also need to dig my camera out of whatever box I put it in that's in my closet!  I labeled everything else with precision but overlooked my camera, flash drives & back up cds.  I'll probably find them when I'm not looking for them LOL!!!

Well, I better get busy.  I just wanted to pop in real quick & give an update.  As soon as I figure out the whole picture thing, I'll post some pics.  Thank you all so much for hanging in there with me while we were bouncing around trying to purchase our home.  I really appreciate it & I hope to share something beautiful with you soon!

Hugs & Love,


  1. JACKIE! So glad to have you back. Happy for you and your family to finally have a place to call your own again. Looking forward to seeing photos of the new place and also more of your fabulous stamping work.

  2. So glad you are moved into your new home. Hope you find everything and get a desktop up and running soon, so you can be back in business!

  3. Happy to hear that you have a new home! I look forward to seeing your beautiful cards once you get settled and have time to be crafty. Congrats again on the new home!


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