Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Coolest Blog Award

Wow, my friend Tenia nominated me with the Butterfly Award for the coolest blog....isn't that awesome?!!
Now I have to pick 10 people--only 10 LOL--let them know that their blog has been chosen for this award and link the people who gave me this award.
It was really hard to narrow down my choices to 10 peeps since there are so many GREAT blogs around, but here goes:

1. Holly
2. Jill
3. Nicole
4. Jodi
5. Nancy
6. Paula
7. Wendy
8. Kathy
9. Connie
10. VivLyn


  1. Jackie, thank you so much for the honor! I'm glad you started a blog...your work is great and people need to see it!

  2. Aww, Jackie, thanks so much! Lovin' your new blog, girl!

  3. Jackie :) ... thank YOU SO much! I'm honored!! What a wonderful surprise. I hope do to a little nominating early next week and pass this lovely award on!!

    hugs & blessings, nancy

  4. Wow! You go girl!!! I've been attempting for months to get mine off the ground and still have not successfully done it. I better get my butt in gear huh? Congratulations on your new blog, I'll be stopping by often.


  5. Wooohoooo Jackie! Only 6 posts and you've already got an award! Congrats! Fabulous!


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