Monday, September 22, 2014

The Creative Blog Hop

I was nominated by my friend Pia from Pias Papir og Perler.  We met through our blogs & I think she's just the sweetest person ever!!!  The Creative Blog Hop happens every Monday and hops from crafter to crafter.  We all answer the same questions:

1.  What am I working on?
I'm always working on my Design Team work.  I'm either coloring some gorgeous images or figuring out what my layouts are going to be.  Not sure which one takes longer...coloring or the design LOL!!!

2.  How does my work differ from others in my genre?
My style is very clean compared to other designers.  I tend to do very straight/crisp designs & my cards are never over embellished.  I do admire some of the other artists that can put so much on a card & make it look good but that's just not me....I LOVE being different :-)

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?
Card making/scrapbooking is so very relaxing & fun for me!  I'm a full time homeschooling Mom & this is my ME time :-)

4.  How does my creation process work?
Believe it or not; it starts with the image I'm working with!  I can look at a stamp & immediately know the colors that I'm going to use.  Every once in a while I'll slip into a slump & need a sketch to boost my creativity and there's nothing wrong with that...I actually LOVE it when a card comes together quite smoothly just from a sketch!  I really enjoy inspiration/color/photo challenges....they really spark my creativity to another level which helps me step outside my comfort zone!  I'm also a bit OCD when it comes to crafting....I know how that may sound but it's true LOL!!!  Everything must be in it's place or I can't find it nor can I concentrate.  I have my flowers in their own space-organized by color so I can just peek in and know what I'm going to use.  I clean my space immediately after I'm done working on a card & just move on to the next one.  Last but definitely not least is I have to have some sort of noise in the background when I'm crafting/creating.  I always play a movie that I can listen to on my iPhone-(now I have an awesome tablet/laptop combo for my movies) & that is a MUST!!!  My concentration will be completely off if it's too quiet so yes I'm a movie fanatic when it comes to creativity!!!!!

I'm nominating Shuly of Shuly cartes as the next hopper.  Shulys' cards are absolutely beautiful & she has such an eye for design as well as the different elements she adds to her creations.  I just LOVE her style!!


  1. We're quite different it seems, me messy, you tidy. I'm so structured and tidy in my work, completely the opposite during my free time. I'm happy to have a very understanding hubby:)

  2. Wow. I love getting to know more about you. you amaze me in more ways than one

  3. dear Jackie, thank you so much for offering me to continue the blog hop! i feel so honoured!!
    at first i thought you had given up the blog hop cause i didn't see the post coming up on your blog but now i see it, it's a bit late but doesn't matter, it's still a lovely idea, and it's great to discover more about our crafters friends!
    Michelle also asked me to jump in the blog hop, so I'm getting ready.
    thank you sooo much for the kind words, i'm very touched, you have no idea.


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